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About Us

OER Africa was established in 2008 with a vision to support the emergence of:

Vibrant and sustainable African education systems and institutions that play a critical role in building and sustaining African societies and economies through free and open development and sharing of common intellectual capital.

The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation have provided OER Africa with grants from 2008 to date to support our work and our mission:

To establish dynamic networks of African OER practitioners by sensitizing and connecting like-minded educators – teachers, academics, trainers, and policy makers – to develop, share, and adapt OER to meet the education needs of African societies. By creating and sustaining networks of collaboration – face-to-face and online – OER Africa supports African educators and learners to harness the power of OER. In turn, they can develop their capacity and join emerging global OER networks as active participants who showcase Africa’s intellectual property, rather than passive consumers of knowledge produced elsewhere.

Current Work

OER Africa is undertaking collaborative work to develop critical cognitive skills and competences of key higher education stakeholders to harness OER practices in ways that resolve some of the deep-seated pedagogical challenges facing African higher education institutions.

We are:

  • Researching key professional development needs in targeted institutions
  • Developing and testing effective models of continuous professional development for supporting OER practices, and
  • Sharing knowledge gained through a range of mechanisms.

Our website showcases:

  • Resources and information to help with understanding OER; this is a consolidation of our work with partner institutions of introducing the concept of OER and related OER research that has been done over the past years.
  • Information on what is happening in OER in higher education in Africa.
  • OER courseware that has been developed in Africa.
  • Research, theses, and national/institutional policies around OER in Africa.

Past Work