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OER Policy Review and Development Toolkit: A Guide for Higher Education Institutions.

This toolkit is aimed at higher education stakeholders who are working with Open Educational Resources (OER). It explains the notion of copyright and describes the different licensing options available to the author/creator of a work.

An OER Protocol: Guidelines for Publishing Teacher Education OER.

DHET has put in place a European Union funded Strengthening Foundation Phase Teacher Education Programme. In terms of the contract with the institutions participating in the programme , all materials produced will be released as Open Educational Resources (OER). The purpose of the Protocol is to guide the Department in managing the publication of these materials as OER on their Teaching Development website.

Developing and Using Quality Learning Resources in an Open Educational Environment: The SAIDE ACEMaths Project.

This paper is a reflective report on the Saide ACEMaths project,which piloted a collaborative approach to the sourcing, adaptation and publication as Open Educational Resources (OERs) of existing suitable materials for use in a variety of teacher education programmes.

Report on Open Repository Development in Developing and Transition Countries

The aim of this study was to create an inventory of current digital repository activities in developing countries at both the infrastructure and the services level.

Materials Development Contract - Example

This is an example contract for materials development projects

The course is an environment for learning

A slightly adapted version of the 1994 SAIDE research paper entitled `A Well-Functioning Distance Education Institution`.

The Saide Materials Design Wheel Review Tool

This is a review tool suitable for both materials design and materials evaluation. It is based on an evolving Saide approach to materials design inspired by the concept of the learning cycle developed by Ian Moll when he was at SAIDE.

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