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Respiratory Depressant Effect of Pentobarbitone in Rabbits

Respiratory Depression is a reduction in the rate of respiration. It may be induced by some medicines. Pentobarbitone is a short to intermediate acting barbiturate used as a hypnotic and sedative. Barbiturates are non-selective CNS depressants that produc

Maintenance of an Isolated Smooth Muscle Preparation in Vitro

This module contains a series of demonstration videos on how to do isolated smooth muscle preparation in vitro using the Harvard Kymograph simulator.

Frog Heart Preparation

An isolated frog heart preparation is useful in the study of cardiac cell excitation. The small size of the frog`s heart means that drugs applied to the outside of the heart will penetrate the myocardium and modify the functions of the heart`s cardiac cha

Autonomic Effect After Muscarinic Hyper-Activity

This experiment demonstrates the effect of muscarinic agonists and its parasympathetic effects such as lacrimation (shedding of red tears), salivation, defaecation, urination pilo-erection, rhinorrhea, sweating and labored breathing