Digital Fluency Course. Module 1: Digital Fundamentals

The aim of the course is to progress beyond the conventional notion of digital or computer literacy in order to become “fluent” in the digital workplace. The first topic reminds us of basic computer concepts and operations. We then move on to internet fundamentals, which covers recommended techniques of searching for information, and introduces useful web-based applications. The third topic concerns making good use of your virtual learning environment, using Moodle as an example.

Moving to Distance Using Moodle and e-Learning

Workshop presentation by Tessa Welch and Greig Krull to the Catholic University of East Africa, November 2011

Course Teaching checklist

When you start teaching on-line for the first time in a new learning environment, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of all the items you need to check before you start teaching the course. This checklist is intended to help you out. It focuses on dif

Using Moodle - Teaching with the Popular Open Source Course Management System

Using Moodle, Second Edition, is a comprehensive, hands-on guide with plenty of examples, screenshots, best practices and suggestions for using Moodle tools effectively and creatively. Written by members of the Moodle community, this authoritative book - u

Moodle Demonstration Site

This site is for you to try using the most recent stable released version of Moodle and to explore some courses which demonstrate a few of Moodle`s many features.

Moodle Manuals

This page contains some links to manuals, tutorials and other multimedia documentation produced by moodlers all over the world. Please feel free to submit your contribution by adding a link to this page or sending the file to

Learning Management Systems (LMS) for CSU ? Sakai Selected

The decision of the OLE Steering Committee to select Sakai was a unanimous one based on its long-term potential as a learning & teaching and broader academic collaborative environment for CSU. The frameworks and their tools were evaluated in terms of a set

Usability in e-Learning Platforms: Heuristics Comparison Between Moodle, Sakai and dotLRN

Recently, educational institutions largely adopted open source elearning platforms. Several studies and comparisons between those platforms were conducted. However, these analyses were more focused into purely technical issues (standards support, developme

Moving to Moodle: Reflections Two Years Later

Adopting an open source learning management system combined benefits and challenges, with lessons for change management