An Open Knowledge Primer for OER Africa

First there were Open Educational Resources (OER); Then there was Open Access (OA); Increasingly academics and researchers are making Open Data integral to scholarly communication; Rather than segmenting the three, many practitioners use the phrase; Open Knowledge; This primer is meant to complement work carried out at OER Africa on OER and IPR/copyrigh;It broadens the discussion to include open access and open data, issues that impact on sub-Saharan African universities but that are not discussed as extensively within sub-Saharan African universities as they should be.

A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)

This Guide comprises three sections. The first – a summary of the key issues – is presented in the form of a set of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, the second section is a more comprehensive analysis of these issues, presented in the form of a traditional

Open Australia's Archives: Open Access Principles for Australian Collection Institutions Version 1

The Opening Australia`s Archives project aims to work with Australia’s collecting institutions to increase the public’s ability to access and reuse our national collections. The project encourages the adoption of open access approaches through coordinated

80 Open Education Resource (OER) Tools for Publishing and Development Initiatives

This list includes 80 online resources that can be used to learn how to build or participate in a collaborative educational effort that focuses on publication and development of materials. Although some choices focus solely on publication, development, or