virtual learning environments

Digital Fluency Course. Module 1: Digital Fundamentals

The aim of the course is to progress beyond the conventional notion of digital or computer literacy in order to become “fluent” in the digital workplace. The first topic reminds us of basic computer concepts and operations. We then move on to internet fundamentals, which covers recommended techniques of searching for information, and introduces useful web-based applications. The third topic concerns making good use of your virtual learning environment, using Moodle as an example.

Virtual learning environment

This overview of VLE`s from Wikipedia provides a summary of VLEs examples of learner management systems,

Deepening the Chasm: Web 2.0, Gaming, and Course Management Systems

"Web 2.0 has emerged into a large, growing, and developing world of content and platforms. Gaming has rapidly expanded into a global industry. In contrast course management systems have developed along very different lines. We examine ways for the CMS