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Personal Learning Environments and Open Educational Resources in Higher Education

This paper presents from a theoretical approach the didactic functionality of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) and Open Educational Resources (OERs) in Higher Education. The combination of both didactic strategies in recent studies show that the joint use of PLEs and OERs designed by students improves their digital competence, mainly in capabilities such as: accessing and searching for online information; articulating information needs; finding relevant information; selecting resources effectively; navigating between online sources; and creating personal information strategies.

Open Pathways to Student Success: Academic Library Partnerships for Open Educational Resources and Affordable Course Content Creation and Adoption

This paper explores the current state of open educational resources (OER) including notable library-lead and multi-institutional programs. The potential for OER and affordable course material creation and adoption pro-grams to impact student retention and persistence is examined. Potential additional partnerships and future di-rections for library-lead programs are discussed as well as the framework necessary for assessing the impact of library-lead OER initiatives.

Open Educational Resources: Is the Federal Government Overstepping Its Role?

An article discussing the role of the US Federal Government in promoting OER and the author provides a counter-argument.

Opening Up Education: A Support Framework for Higher Education Institutions

This report presents a support framework for higher education institutions (HEIs) to open up education. This framework proposes a wide definition of the term ‘open education’, which accommodates different uses, in order to promote transparency and a holistic approach to practice. It goes beyond OER, MOOCs and open access to embrace 10 dimensions of open education.

Exploring "Open Pedagogy"

Key note presentation by Dr David Wiley to the OER Africa 2016 Convening in Nairobi.

Curriculum Delivery & Innovation: Supporting Staff and Students in the Use of Technology at the UFS

Presentation by the team from the University of the Free State to OER Africa's 2016 convening.

Role of OER in Supporting Pedagogical Transformation at the Open University of Tanzania

This institutional presentation was made at the OER Africa 2016 convening in May in Nairobi.

Emerging Lessons from the OER Africa Institutional Engagement Grant

Background documentation reflecting on the emerging lessons as OER Africa comes to a close of its second year of engagement with identified institutions.

Our Work at OER Africa: Background Document for 2016 Convening

Background document presented to participants at the 2016 OER Africa convening.