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Educational Technology

Quality on the Line

Quality On the Line identifies 24 benchmarks considered essential to ensuring excellence in Internetbased distance learning. The benchmarks are divided into seven categories of quality measures currently in use on campuses around the nation. These benc

Privatization in Higher Education: Cross-Country Analysis of Trends, Policies, Problems and Solutions

This issue brief examines the experience of four countries with privatization, including the development and expansion of private institutions, increased reliance of public institutions on private funding, and the operation of the colleges and universities

Impact of College Rankings on Institutional Decision Making: Four Country Case Studies

Based on interviews with key institutional stakeholders in four countries—Australia, Canada, Germany, and Japan— this issue biref examines ranking systems and their impact on the policies and practices at colleges and universities. It also explores the nua

Political Challenges for Policy Making

In the current political environment, sound higher education policy making requires broad peripheral vision. As we frame the debate going forward, it is important to recognize that the Higher Education Act and its reauthorization are one piece of a larger

Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology

The University of Toronto’s information and communication technology (ICT) resources provide a rich array of services to the community. Ensuring the continuing utility and availability of these resources is the responsibility of service providers and consu

Educating the Net Generation: A Handbook of Findings for Practice and Policy

It has been widely suggested, and in some respects accepted, that a so-called Net Generation of students is passing through our universities. Born roughly between 1980 and 1994 these students have been characterised as being technologically savvy, having

The Edgeless University: Why Higher Education Must Embrace Technology.

British universities have world-class reputations and they are vital to our social and economic future. But they are in a tight spot. The huge public investment that sustained much of the sector is in jeopardy and the current way of working is not sust

Appropriating and Making Technologies Work For You in Teaching and Learning: Depth Is of Essence

Cell phones have been rapidly and creatively appropriated across Africa, in unexpected ways. The computer and internet are not nearly as widely used, especially by teachers. This is because of cost and complexity but also because of time. Teachers do not h

New Technologies, New Pedagogies: Mobile Learning in Higher Education

The purpose of this e-book is to explore the use of mobile devices in learning in higher education, and to provide examples of good pedagogy. We are sure that the rich variety of examples of mobile learning found in this book will provide the reader wit

Pan African Research Agenda on the Pedagogical Integration of ICTs

The purpose of the Panafrican Research Agenda on the Pedagogical Integration of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), is to contribute to this broadening process and to participate in the access, construction, and production of knowledge in th