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In 2007 one of the key conclusions from the synthesis report 'Sharing eLearning Content'1 (SELC) was that, while evidence may exist in support of it, the business case for an institution to share learning materials has not been sufficiently well articulated in the UK. In fact, the issue highlighted is rather broader. There is evidence that would support a range of business cases, such as those for:

  • lecturers sharing learning materials;
  • lecturers using and attributing others? materials;
  • institutions putting in place policies whereby learning materials are well managed, so that they can be shared appropriately and reused over time;
  • the UK tertiary education sector as a whole putting in place arrangements in support of sharing learning materials.

This report aims to articulate the advantages and imperatives for sharing learning resources using evidence from the UK and elsewhere. This JISC funded study has also identified a number of compelling business cases and has developed a set of variations as a result of studying a range of business models. It highlights some interesting trends as many of the existing business models have reached a level of maturity and are currently under review.

McGill, Louw
Currier, Sarah
Duncan, Charles
Douglas, Peter
License Condition: Full Copyright - All rights reserved  
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