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Creating People Centred Schools. Video: The School as Community Approach

We visit a community which has developed a successful schools-as-community approach through a network of schools managed by a coordinating body.

Creating People Centred Schools. Video: The School as Organisation Approach

We learn more about the organizational approach during the course of a visit to a school that has successfully implemented this model.

Creating People Centred Schools

By visiting schools, in this video we learn more about two approaches to school change and improvement

Moderate Assessment (PDF)

The focus of this module is not only on moderation but also on the management of moderation processes at subject, department and school level.

Implementation guidelines: ACE School Management and Leadership (PDF)

This manual provides an overview of the design and expected delivery of the new programme. The key focus of the ACE (School Management and Leadership) programme is to facilitate real transformation in schools that is grounded in recognition


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