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Being a Vocational Educator: A Guide for Lecturers in FET Colleges

This guide is about enabling craftspeople (those qualified in particular vocations as say plumbers, electricians, etc.) to develop the skills and knowledge required to successfully fill the roles that are necessary for a vocational educator and to thus shift the emphasis
from vocational identification to identification as a vocational educator.

Cape Foundation Phase Research Programme: Quality Teaching and Teacher Education Practice

If you are a lecturer responsible for supporting teacher development at the Foundation Phase (FP) level, this guide is for you. It explores fundamental principles of Early Childhood Education (ECE) practice, offering what we hope is a clear but critical explanation of what is called ‘Developmentally Appropriate Practice’ (DAP). This explanation is accompanied by a series of reflections which raise questions that you as a teacher educator might use to clarify your own thinking, in preparation for teaching and engaging with students.

Assessment for Learning: Using Learners' Test Data for Professional Development in the Foundation Phase

The purpose of this course is to help you as a mathematics teacher to use information (data) from the assessment of learners’ work to improve teaching and learning in your classroom. The five units show you how to become more aware of the errors your learners make, how to understand these errors and the misconceptions that may have caused them, as well as how to plan lessons and assessment with errors in mind.

Assessment for Learning: Using Learners' Test Data for Professional Development.

This five unit course is intended for mathematics teachers who work / teach in primary schools. The approach taken in the course can also be used in secondary school mathematics teaching but the mathematics content in the course activities is for grades 3 to 7.

Standards for Teacher Performance

Read this tool on standards for teaching performance. This ‘quick resource’ will help you find sources around quality and standards in initial teacher education.

Developing Curriculum and Learning Resources: Guidelines for Effective Practice

This document outlines a process for curriculum and learning resource development for effective mixed mode provision. It suggests three core stages of curriculum design, course design and learning resource development which are inter-related. These guidelines have been adapted by the Nigerian National Commission for Colleges of Education and Teacher Development Programme from a similar OER Developing ODL curriculua and learning resources: guidelines for effective practice developed by SCERT in Bihar, India.

Working in Classrooms: Teaching, Time and Space. Learning Guide - Section Five - Making learning time and space for large classes

Section Five builds on concepts developed throughout the module and on the idea that how teachers solve problems relating to space and time depends on what their teaching purpose is and on who the learners are.


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