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  • Working in Classrooms. Reading 8 - Amusing ourselves to death

    Although both extracts about television, they also present a set of arguments about information, learning and education.

  • Using Media in Teaching: Learning Guide. Section One - How to Use This Module

    The important question we address in this module is: How can teachers use popular media, textbooks, and computer technologies to create a learning environment that equips learners with the knowledge and skills to live and work thoughtfully in a changing South Africa?

  • Using Media in Teaching: Learning Guide. Introduction

    The focus of this module is on how teachers might use popular media, textbooks and computertechnologies to create a learning environment that equips learners with the knowledge andskills to live and work thoughtfully in a changing country. The model of teaching being promotedis one that:• actively involves learners• links schooling with learners’ lives and experiences• develops learners’...

  • A Guide to Quality in Online Learning

    Existing quality assurance frameworks, guidelines, and benchmarks show that quality in online learning has many dimensions. This guide summarizes the key quality issues in online education in a concise and accessible manner. The guide is structured in the form of 16 ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, followed by an additional reading list focused on quality benchmarks and international best...

  • Science and society: A career and professional development course

    Scientists throughout the world are increasingly interested in the relationship between science and society. Part of their concern is with the social responsibilities scientists have in relation to broader public interests. That raises important issues to do with the ethical and social dimension of scientists' work and how scientists explain ? and perhaps justify ? their work to the wider...

  • BOCODOL Instructional Design Consultancy 19 ? 30 November 2001

    Although this report is specific to workshops run for BOCODOL in Botswana, there are useful guidelines for those engaging with course design processes. Part of the workshop focussed on adding audio elements to courses.

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