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OER Initiatives in Africa
Find a list of all OER Initiatives in Africa in these areas amongst others, OER Adaptation, OER Reuse, OER Repository/Portal, Professional Development, and Research.
African OER Websites and Repositories
Where do you find OER? There is not a one-stop shop for OERs, no single repository where they are stored.
What's Happening in OER in Africa
This section will provide latest updates to news and events relating to OER in African higher education and will include notices to new policies, research, events/conferences.
  • Out of Range Values Slides with Voiceover

    Defines what “Out of Range Values” are and how to account for them in data collection and statistical analysis. *Competencies/Skills that HIBB Addresses*: Understand how to minimize out of range values when creating new data sets

  • Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security

    This module aims to educate the student about the importance of privacy, confidentiality and the security of the patients imformation. It defines the concepts and discusses the best approaches to go about achieving true Privacy and security.

  • Information Retrieval: Access to Knowledge-Based Resources

    This forms part of the Fundamental Skills under Health Informatics Building Blocks (HIBB). It is the first unit aimed at training and developing more informed health practitioners.

  • Your Global Positioning System

    YGPS stands for *Your Global Positioning System*. The aim of this programme is to help you to develop the skills to position yourself by understanding who you are and what you can contribute to your family, community, society and the world in the 21st century.

  • Mathematical Literacy

    This module is designed to help the student understand basic mathematical concept like Fractions, Decimals and Rounding Off.