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OER Initiatives in Africa
Find a list of all OER Initiatives in Africa in these areas amongst others, OER Adaptation, OER Reuse, OER Repository/Portal, Professional Development, and Research.
African OER Websites and Repositories
Where do you find OER? There is not a one-stop shop for OERs, no single repository where they are stored.
What's Happening in OER in Africa
This section will provide latest updates to news and events relating to OER in African higher education and will include notices to new policies, research, events/conferences.
  • English Literacy & Language Development

    By the end of the module, students will show their ability to: * reflect on reading texts critically by applying a step-by-step method (this means * that you analyse, reconsider and question what you read); * write a correct and organised essay on a debatable topic ; * listen for a purpose in various communicative contexts; * discuss topics in pairs and groups; * present information,...

  • An Enabling Strategy For Free and Open Educational Resources at the University of the Witwatersrand

    This strategy attempts to create an enabling environment for Wits academics, students and other staff to participate in the use, adaptation, creation, and sharing of educational and research resources as free and open educational resources (FOER). This new approach to old academic traditions is a global trend, led by some of the top institutions in the world, and as a world class, research-...

  • Learning About Sustainable Change in South Africa: The Jika iMfundo Campaign 2015 - 2017

    Jika iMfundo - a NECT funded pilot to improve education outcomes in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa studied how classrooms, schools and districts have changed; what has been learned from previous initiatives; and needs to be done to improve interventions in the future.

  • Professional Development in a Digital Age: Exploring Aspects of Digital Fluency for Blended Teaching and Learning

    A keynote workshop on OER Africa's digital fluency course developed at the Open University of Tanzania, presented at the First Annual Teaching and Learning Conference of the North West University in South Africa, by Brenda Mallinson.