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  • Working in Classrooms. Reading 5 - The children and their learning needs: Balancing individual and whole class teaching

    An important part of a teacher’s work is to establish a classroom climate that encourages and enables learning. In the first set of extracts below, Janet Moyles suggests ways in which primary teachers can establish a positive classroom climate, especially at the beginning of the school year with a new class.

  • Working in Classrooms. Reading 6 - Kinship and classrooms: An ethonographic perspective on education as cultural transmission

    This set of excerpts from a research article compares the ways in which two different preschools (or early learning centres) construct order through different arrangements of time and space.

  • Being a Teacher: Reading 12. Spoil the Rod, Spare the Child

    Teachers often confuse authority with power, to use the distinction made at the beginning of Reading 11. Probably the most common means of wielding power (for teachers) has been the use of corporal punishment. The following extract was taken from a two-part article in The Educator’s Voice, published by SADTU. Vally briefly analyses some of the reasons for the popularity of corporal punishment...

  • Creating a Caring School: Toolkit Other

    This list of contacts, services and resources is by no means exhaustive, but merely illustrative of the kinds of government and non ? government programmes and services that are available to schools. It is intended as a stimulus to get each school management team to develop their own data base or list of contacts and resources.

  • Creating a Caring School: A Guide for School Management Teams.Learning Guide: Unit 8 - Developing a school-based care and support plan.

    Unit 8 is a planning unit. The insights gained from the previous units and the activities you completed up to now are building blocks that culminate in a well-considered integrated and coherent strategic plan of care and support for your school. Unit 8 is entirely activity driven and each activity is part of the planning process that results in an informed plan to create a supportive...

  • Creating a Caring School: A Guide for School Management Teams.Learning Guide: Unit 6 - School-based aftercare.

    In this unit we take a closer look at these initiatives and discuss the different approaches to aftercare that we encountered. We reflect on the role of school management in aftercare initiatives for vulnerable learners and also on how the community and local businesses can be drawn in to support such initiatives. Considering various contexts, we conclude by reflecting on the kind of...

  • Creating a Caring School: A Guide for School Management Teams.Learning Guide: Unit 5 - Good nutrition for learning.

    We start off Unit 5 with a story that encourages you to reflect on a key question: Why should the provision of nutritious food for vulnerable children be a central concern for school management? We look to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory to understand the link between nutrition and learning. His theory suggests that higher cognitive levels of performance depend on basic needs being...

  • Creating a Caring School: A Guide for School Management Teams. Learning Guide: Unit 4 - Networks of care and support.

    Networking and the formation of partnerships is not an optional extra; it must become an integral part of the strategy to manage sustainable support for vulnerable learners. This is the focus of our reflections in Unit 4. We start by looking at a few practical examples of how schools have managed networking with external partners and what kind of support they provided for vulnerable learners...

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