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  • Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN) ACE module material (Six units) (University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Johannesburg, South Africa)  
    Adapted by Judith Inglis  
    The LSEN (Learners with Special Educational Needs) ACEMaths adaptation was produced by Judith Inglis of the University of the Witwatersrand. Judith used the full set of materials in the pilot study with a mixed group of teachers studying towards an ACE qualification. There were teachers in her group from the Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phases as well as some FET teachers. None of the teachers in her group were maths specialists. While they worked with the ACEMaths materials Judith noticed that there were certain key design features that differed between all her other module material and she decided to adapt the module so that it would fit better with her full set of materials for the ACE LSEN. The adaptation is marked with icons to guide the reader through the text and has fewer activities. Some of the shorter activities were renamed as points to stop and think and a few (not many) were removed from the original ACEMaths text.
    The full ACE LSEN adaptation is available here for you to download. 
  • Further Education and Training (FET) Maths Literacy ACE (Two units) (University of KwaZulu (UKZN) Natal, Pinetown, South Africa)  
    Adapted by Sally Hobden  
    The ACEMaths materials were used at UKZN by lecturers involved in the presentation of a re-skilling ACE, aimed to enable teachers to qualify as maths literacy teachers. Sally Hobden prepared a module guide which incorporated much of ACEMaths Unit Four, in combination with extracts from units one, two and three. The adaptation was versioned to include maths examples and activities appropriate to the FET Maths Literacy teacher.
    The full FET Maths Literacy adaptation is available here for you to download.
  • Further Education and Training (FET) Mathematics Certificate Course (University of South Africa (UNISA), Pretoria, South Africa) 
    Adapted by Ronel Paulsen  
    UNISA offers certificate courses for maths teachers wishing to improve their knowledge for the teaching of maths in specific areas. Ronel Paulsen adapted the full ACEMaths module for the purposes of an FET (Grades 10,11 and 12) certificate course. This adaptation was versioned to include maths examples and activities appropriate to the FET Mathematics teacher in the place of some of the original activities which were more geared to primary school teachers. There is also one full new unit (Unit 3) which presents FET mathematics content and four additional readings appropriate for FET teachers. One of the original ACEMaths units (Unit 6) was omitted from this adaptation.
    The full FET Mathematics adaptation is available here for you to download.
  • Foundation Phase Wrap-around Guide to accompany the ACEMaths materials (Six units) (Wits, Johannesburg, South Africa) 
    Adapted by Manono Mdluli 
    At Wits University in 2009 an ACE in Foundation Phase mathematics was offered along-side many other ACE programmes initiated as a result of the departmental roll-out of bursaries for teachers to improve their qualifications. Manono Mdluli had heard about the ACEMaths materials and chose to use them for one of her modules. But she wrote a full wrap-around guide for the tutors who would lecture the course so that all classes (which had to run parallel) would use the ACEMaths materials in a similar way. This guide was written to focus the pedagogical input at the Foundation Phase level.
    The full Foundation Phase Wrap-around Guide is available here for you to download.