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The daily work of teaching entails not only an understanding of the subject matter to be taught but also the skill to teach this content in a manner which enables learning to take place. The teacher education resources selected for this focus area will support the aim of developing teachers’ understanding of maths content in relation to pedagogy. Course materials for teacher education programmes, as well as articles/papers that can serve as readings will be posted. The teacher education course materials posted will range from early primary to senior secondary.

Content and pedagogy articles and resources

Academic articles relating to the mathematics content and pedagogy debate

  • Mathematics for teaching matters, an article by Jill Adler First Rand Foundation (FRF) Mathematics Education Chair at the University of the Witwatersrand and the Chair of Mathematics Education at King’s College, London.

Materials on mathematics content and pedagogy for teacher education

  • The ACEMaths materials, a set of materials for mathematics teacher education developed collaboratively under the leadership of a Saide materials development expert. The materials were designed for use in both distance education and face-to-face contexts. Over a period of two years, they were adapted, piloted and revised and then made freely available for downloading in two formats - for printing (PDF), and for adaptation (Word). This set of materials provides a real example of OER that have been used in the field for several years. The four adaptations give examples of the flexibility of OER and the ways in which different users can adapt them for their own purpose.