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  • Household Food Security. Module 6 - Food Resource Management

    Students accredited with Module 6 will be able to utilize a range of facilitation and participatory skills to identify and mobilize households for improved household food security. Upon successful completion of this module you will be able to confidently say that you should be able to facilitate the development of household food resources management strategies to improve household food...

  • Household Food Security. Module 5 - Optimising Houshold Food Production

    In this module your main task is to link everything you have learnt in previous modules and done with households so far, to get the bigger picture and implement a homestead food garden together with households. You will plan and carry out a set of sustainable, low-input activities with selected households in the area to help them finalize the design plans for their homestead food gardens....

  • Household Food Security. Module 3 - Sustainable Natural Resources Use

    In this module your main task is to plan and carry out a set of activities with selected households in the community to help them gain a good understanding of their current and possible future use of natural resources in their area.

  • Household Food Security. Module 1 - Introduction to Household Food Security

    In Module 1 you are introduced to concepts such as food security, food insecurity, nutrition security, livelihood security, food policies and programmes and the role played by different stakeholders involved in food security.

  • Farm Milk Production, Marketing and Processing Activities in Kiruhura District: A Situational Report

    The main purpose of the study was for AgShare team from Makerere University to share the agricultural skills and knowledge with Kiruhura farmers, and equip them with better milk handling and marketing skills through experience sharing and feedback meetings. The vision of the project is to contribute to the development of a healthier and a wealthier livestock based community in Africa, by...

  • Dairy Products Quality and Safety Module

    This module equips the student with a broad knowledge of quality assurance and quality management related to the safety of milk products. It further aims to provide and understanding of government regulations related to quality assurance and how to apply quality management tools to collect, organize and evaluate data. 

  • How Do Fertilizer Subsidies Affect Household Well-being Over Time? Evidence from Malawi

    Poster presentation prepared for presentation at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association 2010. AAE, CAES and WAEA joint meeting, Denver, Colarado, July 25-27, 2010.

  • Using Linked Household-level Datasets to Explain Consumer Response to BSE in Canada

    Household-level Canadian meat purchases from 2002-2008, household-level egg purchases from 2002-2005 and Food Opinion Survey in 2008 were used to understand how consumers who have different concerns about nutrition react to BSE events and how beef consumption after BSE discoveries were shaped by consumers concerns of food safety and their trust of government and the industry decision makers...

  • Consumer Confidence in the Food System, Media Coverage and Stock Prices of Food Companies: A Regression Analysis

    A series of recent and serious food safety incidents have generated a national debate over the significant costs that they impose on various stakeholders - consumers, industry, or the government. This paper examines the impact of media coverage of food safety and defense issues on consumer confidence in food safety, and measures the response of stock prices of food companies to changes in...

  • The Impact of Biofuels Policy on Agribusiness Stock Prices

    Corn markets are important for many industries. These include the seed, fertilizer, meat production/processing and agricultural machinery sectors, all of which are highly concentrated. Oligopoly theory suggests that corn input and field equipment suppliers likely benefit from policies that support corn markets, such as U.S. biofuels policy, while meat companies likely lose. This study...

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