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OER Africa has just published an expanded and revised Open Knowledge Primer for African Universities. In the five years since we wrote the first edition, open education has now grown to include developments in open access, open data, open educational resources (OER), and open science. We thought it was time for a refresh.

This new primer includes sections on how open access has changed to include more journals and publication mechanisms, new requirements for making data open, and how OER fits into open access. Librarians play a key role in promoting information literacy for students and staff; we have added sections specifically for them. There is also a new section on information resources, subdivided by subject. We have broadened the section on impact factors to explain why researchers in the global South are affected deleteriously by them.

This primer has grown considerably since the first edition. Although you can read it from cover to cover, it might also be useful to keep it handy as a reference document and read sections when you have need of specific information.

We welcome your comments, including on areas where we are not clear or that require expansion. Please email levey180atgmail [dot] com (levey180[at]gmail[dot]com)

The primer can be found here.