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  • Challenge Six - Expressing More Gratitude, Appreciation, Encouragement and Delight in Everyday Life

    This chapter highlights that in order to build more satisfying relationships with the people around you, express more ppreciation,delight, affirmation, encouragement and gratitude.

  • Challenge Five - Asking Questions More "Open-Endedly" and More Creatively

    This chapter looks at encouraging your conversation partners to share more of their thoughts and feelings by asking ?open-ended? rather than ?yes/no? questions

  • Challenge Four - Translating Complaints and Criticisms into Requests

    "This chapter looks at how to get more cooperation from others, by asking for what you want by using specific, action-oriented, positive language rather than by using generalizations"

  • Challenge Three - Expressing Yourself More Clearly and Completely

    This chapter looks at giving your listeners more information about what you are experiencing by using a wide range of ?I-statements.? You are likely to get more of your listener?s empathy if you express more of what you are seeing and hearing, feeling, interpreting, wanting, and envisioning.

  • Challenge Two - Explaining your conversational intent and inviting consent

    This chapter in the The Seven Challenges Workbook describes the process of starting conversations by declaring your conversational intent and inviting the conscious consent of your prospective conversation partners. The basic idea is that you can help your conversation partners cooperate with you and reduce possible misunderstandings by starting important conversations with a stated...

  • Challenge One - Listening more carefully and responsively

    Actively acknowledging another person's experience does not have to mean that you agree or approve. Compassionately allow people to feel whatever they feel. People are much more likely to listen if they have been listened to with actively expressed acknowledgments.

  • The Seven Challenges Workbook - A Guide to Cooperative Communication Skills for Success at Home and at Work

    "A structured, intensive exploration of seven challenging skills for a lifetime of better communication in work, family, friendship & community"

  • Life Skills Development/Module Three/Unit 4: Public Speaking/Speech Preparation

    This unit deals with understanding the processes involved in public speaking, the skill of preparing public speeches, and criteria for judging public speeches.

  • Life Skills Development/Module Three/Unit 2: The Art of Communication/Effective Communication

    This resource covers why effective communication is necessary, discusses the elements and components of effective communication and how to effectively communicate with others

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