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  • Study Skills for Math

    This simple tool introduces students to basic study skills methods such as pre-reading, paying attention during class and summarising. This resource is also available in an interactive format

  • Module C11 : Exam preparation

    This module is concerned with preparing students for exams

  • Module S4 : Studying, learning and preparing for exams

    This module introduces students to the possible effects of stress on their achievement of study goals, and how to deal with these effects; introduces the use of a study log to monitor the efficiency of their use of available study time; helps identify aspects of students' learning styles, and their implications for the effectiveness and efficiency of their study effort; and looks at how to...

  • Life Skills Development/Module Three/Unit 3: Conflict Management

    In this unit learners will recognize the various types of conflicts and utilize techniques to effectively resolve conflict and develop conflict resolution skills.

  • Life Skills Development/Module Two/Gender and Sex Roles

    This unit discusses gender and sex roles in relation to interpersonal relationships. It will share how these roles or the change in any, impact on interpersonal relationships and influence the choices we make in life. Also,it will discuss the relationship between gender, sex and the spread of HIV.

  • Life Skills Development/Module Two/Relationships

    This unit deals with human relationships. Human relationships refers to how you feel and act towards others and they towards you. The interaction of one person with another, influences each other?s behaviour. The quality of the interpersonal relationships is extremely important for the success, failure, happiness, unhappinnes and the future life of a person. Good relationships are important...

  • Life Skills Development/Module Two/Human Sexuality

    "This unit will cover the content of Human Sexuality and Sexual Health. This topic is more than just sex and having sex; it is part of the physical, psychological and social makeup of an individual. Sexuality is about the person you feel you are as a man or a woman, about your sexual orientation and identity. Human sexuality is a function of one?s whole personality that is life long,...

  • Life Skills Development/Module One/Unit 1: Values Education

    Education is a process of initiating the learner to a good life. In order to live this 'good' life, the learner has to acquire, through this education knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and other behaviour patterns. This unit will therfeore address values and the importance of values in one's life. It will incorporate values clarification strategies in one's decision making processes. This...

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