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  • The African Health OER Network: Advancing health education in Africa through open educational resources

    This short commentary about the African Health OER Network was published by the /African Journal of Health Professions Education,/ [1] December 2010, Vol. 2, No. 2 [1] http://www.ajhpe.org.za/index.php/ajhpe

  • Reflections on the past two and a half years of a collaborative African health OER project

    In early 2011, the OpenCourseware Consortium (OCWC) invited University of Michigan and OER Africa to do a guest blog post [1]about their reflections of participating in a collaborative health OER project. [1] http://www.ocwconsortium.org/en/community/blog/2011/04/29/reflections-on-the-past-two-and-a-half-years-of-a-collaborative-african-health-oer-project/

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