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  • Preparing Research Datasets Slides

    This module deals with how to conduct proper research using associated hypotheses, statistical analysis plan and the specific data/variables needed.

  • Out of Range Values Slides with Voiceover

    Defines what “Out of Range Values” are and how to account for them in data collection and statistical analysis. *Competencies/Skills that HIBB Addresses*: Understand how to minimize out of range values when creating new data sets

  • Open access journals and publishing options in health sciences

    The term “open access” refers to resources (often scholarly journal articles) that are freely and publicly accessible to anyone worldwide. Depending the particular terms of use of a given open access journal, the journal may also allow people to copy, modify, or distribute the content of the articles under one of the Creative [1] [2]Commons [3] [4]licenses [5]. Research (from University [6...

  • Recommended Practices for Packaging and Distributing OER

    OER may be distributed in a variety of formats, including electronically online, removable media (e.g. CD/DVD, or USB), and/or paper hard copies. In order to maximize its reach and visibility, OER is often distributed online which introduces new considerations such as managing file size and selecting appropriate descriptive data (commonly referred to as metadata). File size is an especially...

  • Guidelines for developing OER at UWC Faculty of Dentistry

    These guidelines have arisen from the University of Western Cape (UWC) Faculty of Dentistry’s experiences of participating in the African Health OER pilot project. It covers copyright policy, attribution and acknowledgement procedures, and the peer review process for content released as Open Education Resources (OER).

  • Guide to gaining ethical consent from patients for content released as OER

    OER Africa has developed a guide for OER creators to obtain consent from patients who participate in an OER project. The guide covers general ethical principles to consider as well the importance of obtaining consent in line with the cultural context within which one is working.

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