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  • Digital Fluency Course: Module 3 - Learning Design and Development for Online/Blended Provision

    This module explores five topics. The first topic addresses models, frameworks, and elements of learning design and development, focusing mainly on the 7Cs of learning design framework and the generic ADDIE model. The second topic, designing for learning, explains how you can design interactive and motivational activities and assessments, develop content for your online courses, and provide... more

  • Peer-To-Peer Recognition of Learning in Open Education

    Recognition in education is the acknowledgment of learning achievements. Accreditation is certification of such recognition by an institution, an organization, a government, a community, etc. There are a number of assessment methods by which learning can be evaluated (exam,practicum, etc.) for the purpose of recognition and accreditation, and there are a number of different purposes for the... more

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