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The Skills for a Changing World Programme seeks to provide educational opportunities for those who are currently excluded from post-schooling education both at Further Education and Training (FET) level and Higher Education (HE) level. In addition to preparing students for further study, the programme also aims to prepare students for the world of work by focusing on the development of generic skills that are essential for successful functioning in today's economy. The programme offers students a stimulating learning environment in which experienced and competent facilitators will guide them to strengthen and acquire relevant knowledge and skills in priority areas identified during a preparatory research study conducted in 2007.

The Skills for a Changing World programme outcomes are focused on preparing students for twenty-first century challenges by:

  • Building capacity in three main subject areas, English language, Mathematical literacy skills and Relevant ICT skills.
  • Providing a stimulating learning environment that encourages the development of relevant skills for living in a technological and global society, such as: Inquiry, analysis, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and learning skills, communication and presentation, awareness and understanding of personal and social responsibility including,ethical reasoning and action.
  • Offering students an orientation to higher education and the world of work, so enabling students to make informed choices about post schooling opportunities in higher education and/or in the world of work.

This is an activity driven curriculum in which students are exposed to real life situations and challenges and in which they will get involved in selected community activities.

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