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  • University of Nairobi Open Access Policy

    The Open Access policy will provide our scholars the opportunity and platform to promote their academic work by enhancing access to research outputs. Further, the policy will enhance the visibility and impact of our research output and archiving of our scholarly materials. more

  • Open Educational Resources Differentiation: A cross-country study on differentiation in access, use and sharing of (Open) Educational Resources at universities in Kenya, Ghana and South Africa

    The academic literature on open educational resources (OER) and practices in higher education has grown substantially over the past decade. OER is seen to offer endless possibilities for Sub-Saharan African universities by reducing costs of education, improving quality of education, as well as increasing access to quality education for all, among others. Sub-Saharan African universities... more

  • Digital Fluency Course: Module 4 - Academic Integrity in a Digital Age

    This is the fourth module in the Digital Fluency course for academics. In this module learners will be introduced to issues related to academic integrity, which has become a matter of increasing concern in the digital age. Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has been widely embraced, and much information and many resources are readily accessible through the internet.... more

  • Digital Fluency Course: Module 5 - Storage and Access of Digital Resources

    This module aims to expand an understanding of digital storage and access with regard to a variety of files types and enabling platforms. It will hone skills in storing and retrieving digital resources using various technologies. This module is intended to address both academic and administrative skills: these skills can be applied in research, teaching and learning, and administration. With... more

  • Digital Fluency Course: Module 2 - Working with OER

    This module is aimed at providing the learner with basic guidance on OER, including underlying concepts, and encouraging practical use of OER. The first topic covers the basic definition of OER, their forms and repositories. Topic two introduces the learner to OER licensing, particularly Creative Commons licences (CC). The third topic covers ways that OER can be adapted and produced. Topic... more

  • Federal pen Licensing Playbook

     Federal agencies are increasingly using open licensing to expand the impact and reach of their work, enable innovative use of federally-funded materials, and ensure that publicly funded resources are available to the public. We note shared practices and consideration s, common to the federal open licensing efforts thus far. This Playbook provides a practitioner's guide to using open... more

  • Impact of Open Licensing on the Early Reader Ecosystem

    /The Impact of Open Licensing on the Early Reader Ecosystem /examines how to use open licensing to promote quality learning resources for young children that are relevant and interesting. Research in early reading tends to focus on traditional publishing value and supply chains, without taking much consideration of new approaches and solutions emerging from the digitization of content and... more

  • Student Practices in Copyright Culture: Accessing Learning Resources

    Using Schatzki’s practices framework as a lens, this paper reports on the practices of university students accessing learning resources at a research-intensive  university in South Africa. Using a mixed methods approach, 1001 survey responses and six focus groups were analysed to explore how students in three professional disciplines access learning resources, with the focus on digitally-... more

  • Open Content Licensing: A Three-Step Guide for Academics

    This guide will enable academics to make informed and purposeful decisions about licensing their work openly. The assumption is that you own the copyright in your own work, and wish to confer permission for its use. The guide is based on the framework of open content licensing, a legitimate, internationally recognised legal practice consistent with copyright law. This guide is aimed at... more

  • Copyright and Open Educational Resources

    Introduction to copyright and licensing; What are Open Educational Resources (OERs)? Key OER Projects from around the world and key licensing resources. more

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