Being a Teacher, Professional Challenges and Choices. Teachers are not just teachers. They are also people. In straddling issues of both professional and personal identity, this module comes to grips with the professional choices teachers are required to make, and do make, in developing the knowledge, skills and values of learners. This module is suitable for both inducting novice teachers into the role of the teacher and for in-service programmes in which practising teachers could valuably compare their own experiences with this systematic overview of the role of a teacher and teaching as a profession. The contextual setting in South Africa is readily adaptable to other settings: the core issues are the same. Series Editor,  John Gultig

Adendorff, Mike
Mason, Mark
Mondiba, Maropeng
Faragher, Lynette
Kunene, Zandile
Gultig, John
OER courseware
South African Institute for Distance Education