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This guide is about enabling craftspeople (those qualified in particular vocations as say plumbers, electricians, etc.) to develop the skills and knowledge required to successfully fill the roles that are necessary for a vocational educator and to thus shift the emphasis
from vocational identification to identification as a vocational educator.
Key to this process is the examination of the roles and competencies of educators broadly and linking these to the VET context and examining what is different in the roles of VET educators – for example, the need to know about the workplace, to be able to
engage with the labour market, and the need to be responsive in curriculum change.
This guide is intended to assist the educator to understand why and how a particular strategy, method, or idea is useful, and not to just be a “how to” manual of tips. Yet it is at the same time intended to be relevant at all times to the context and practice of the
vocational educator, offering realistic exemplars and demonstrating approaches and methods for implementation.
Bialobrzeska, Maryla
License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0  
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