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This module is intended for the student interested in understanding the basic biological subject in the study of fundamental units within organisms: cell and molecules. Biochemistry combines an introduction to the structures of macromolecules and a biochemical approach to cellular functions and how they relate to normal functions and diseases.

Biochemistry is a dynamic field with a broad range of subjects applicable such as medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas. In addition, this module will also provide numerous opportunities to develop a wide range of transferable skills that are intensely required after studies by potential employers, both within the bioscience sector and beyond.

Biochemistry is composed of theory lessons, exercises sessions and practical classes. Theory lessons will consist of self-directed learning, group discussion and face to face teaching.Exercises’ sessions allow the students to ask questions about the theory as well as about the practical classes. They must help them to integrate the various components of the module. 

Practical classes were conceived to explain to students how they can proceed with experiments with the help of various instruments and techniques (microscopy, drawing); to initiate them with observation and experimentation.

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Dr Annet Uwineza; Mrs Evelyne Kanarama et al
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