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In this module, students will discover the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to the practices of human resource management.  The curriculum leads them through the roles and responsibilities of human resource personnel.  Based on the “real-life” process of employment, students will learn how to assess the employment needs of the organisation, to formulate job descriptions and job specifications, and to manage job evaluations.  Leading on from organisational needs, students will explore the recruitment process, as well as the responsibility of developing, motivating and evaluating employees.

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Kaviira Annet; Mukanama Laurence; Buregeya Pascal; Sindayigaya Aimable Benjamin; Birekeraho Safari John; Bcakungeri Jean Claude; Gafaranga Brigitte; Karasira Alain Claude; Uwamahoro Alexis
License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0  
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Univeversity of Rwanda; PEBL
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