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  • Teachers' Opinion to Staff Development Using Distance Education Mode

    This research report is a critical analysis of opinion gathered through an opinion scale among 540 school teachers of Swaziland regarding staff development for Effective Classroom Management using distance education mode. The opinions were regarding Orientation, Session, two days contact session, various 17 units of self instructional materials and a 3 month interaction with peers and...

  • Being a Teacher: Reading 9c. Manual for Teacher Appraisal

    The ELRC’s Teacher Appraisal policy is another important means by which teachers’ professional accountability can be assured in South Africa. Note the important emphasis on teachers’ professional development rather than on simply judging teachers’ performance.

  • Mentor school managers and manage mentoring programmes in schools: ACE School Management and Leadership (PDF)

    This module aims at empowering school managers and teachers to develop and implement appropriate mentoring programmes. The learning guide of this module addresses three key questions as follows: What is mentoring? What are the personal and professional qualities of effective mentors? How can we managing the establishment, monitoring and evaluation of a school mentoring programme?

  • Southern African Review of Education

    The journal is published under the auspices of the Southern African Comparative and History of Education Society (SACHES) The aims of the Society are to promote comparative, international and history of education and enhance the academic status of these fields; bring an understanding of comparative education to bear on the major educational problems confronting the region and to develop...

  • Perspectives in Education

    Perspectives in Education is a professional, refereed journal, which encourages submission of previously unpublished articles on contemporary educational issues. As a journal that represents a variety of cross-disciplinary interests, both theoretical and practical, it seeks to stimulate debates on a wide range of topics. PIE invites manuscripts employing innovative qualitative and...

  • Journal of Education

    The*/ Journal of Education/* is an interdisciplinary publication of original research and writing on education. The journal aims to provide a forum for scholarly understanding of the field of education. A general focus of the journal is on curriculum. Curriculum is understood in a wide and interdisciplinary sense, encompassing curriculum theory, history, policy and development at all levels...

  • Education as Change

    This accredited journal publishes contributions from any field of education. While the emphasis is on empirical research, theoretical or methodological papers, review articles, short communications, book reviews and letters containing fair commentary on previously published articles will also be considered. Priority is given to articles that are relevant to Africa or that address cross-...

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