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  • School Leadership: Podcast Keypoints - Leadership and Technology

    This resource focuses on the Leadership in education show on Cliffcentral.com [1] every Monday. This weeks guest was Fiona Wallace of the CoZaCares Foundation, chatting about leadership in a school that’s on a tech journey. [1] http://cliffcentral.com/

  • What's Trending Update: Focus on ICTs

    BRIDGE’s focus on ICTs as a cross-cutting theme in education has recently taken centre stage in several contexts. An important concern is to make sure that the device is not the goal; technology must support teaching and learning rather than overwhelming it.

  • Using Media in Teaching: Learning Guide. Section Seven - Using Computer Technologies in Schools

    The current optimism about computers makes it easier to find funding for projects that involve computers than it is to find sources willing to contribute to teacher development or basic infrastructure, such as toilets, chairs or chalk. Computers and the Internet are 'cool' and easy to generate enthusiasm about. As with television, though, we need to view such enthusiasm for computers...

  • Using Media in Teaching: Learning Guide. Section One - How to Use This Module

    The important question we address in this module is: How can teachers use popular media, textbooks, and computer technologies to create a learning environment that equips learners with the knowledge and skills to live and work thoughtfully in a changing South Africa?

  • Using Media in Teaching: Learning Guide. Introduction

    The focus of this module is on how teachers might use popular media, textbooks and computertechnologies to create a learning environment that equips learners with the knowledge andskills to live and work thoughtfully in a changing country. The model of teaching being promotedis one that:• actively involves learners• links schooling with learners’ lives and experiences• develops learners’...

  • Educational Technology for Effective Teaching: A Handbook for Educators

    This course on educational technology comprises of 16 units covering different aspects of educational technology as a field of study. Educational technology is a combined application of three major sciences for classroom activities. These are Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Managerial Sciences. 

  • Southern African Review of Education

    The journal is published under the auspices of the Southern African Comparative and History of Education Society (SACHES) The aims of the Society are to promote comparative, international and history of education and enhance the academic status of these fields; bring an understanding of comparative education to bear on the major educational problems confronting the region and to develop...

  • Perspectives in Education

    Perspectives in Education is a professional, refereed journal, which encourages submission of previously unpublished articles on contemporary educational issues. As a journal that represents a variety of cross-disciplinary interests, both theoretical and practical, it seeks to stimulate debates on a wide range of topics. PIE invites manuscripts employing innovative qualitative and...

  • Journal of Education

    The*/ Journal of Education/* is an interdisciplinary publication of original research and writing on education. The journal aims to provide a forum for scholarly understanding of the field of education. A general focus of the journal is on curriculum. Curriculum is understood in a wide and interdisciplinary sense, encompassing curriculum theory, history, policy and development at all levels...

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